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The past of present



hello people here this a short message which is worth sharing. A short advice . We can always say we always get explanation of things today , later.There is paradigm called everything happens for a reason. Nothing like that ever exists. Nothing is prewritten here in this world.For a short time it may appear so. But the thing is not to over look fact that we are own masters.Anything on any day can turn into any way. So be alert. Don’t be pathetic loser calling it this happened for that and that occurred for this. These words are nice to hear and pleasant to believe but it may not be as simple. Life is random , extreme , tough and easy at the same time . we can give explanations to our past actions or occurring today’s reasoning or we may find strings joining together to a bigger picture but its not that real to happen. Human society is chaotic , human behavior is chaotic. how can we believe things to go so simple the key is not to over think or over react over today’s occurring by linking uselessly to the past.Everyday is new and real .face it.But don’t try to explain today by linking it to past.If you can’t explain anything now then you can’t explain it tomorrow. The rest is just manipulating things to comfort yourself or others.
In the end it is just my gesture and the way i think things i believe to happen.So take care !!

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