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The sex of soul

hello . I want some views on an important topic. Is there any sex of a soul ?? Women believe men are incapable of love . Men cannot hold their feelings.As the whole world is driven by beauty of women.Men are like insects who always get caught in beautiful web of women spiders. Men cannot resist because they are perverted and have step on their soul to cheat and to cheat and to lust after women. And for women some know this secret and they wisely use their body to win over soul and body of men and they don’t cheat if they have sex with other men because they are beautiful and nothing attracts them but men get attracted so they are blamed right ? Is this right ? who the hell made this world ? This world of some cheaters dogs and beautiful doubters ?? I can bet that God is a cheater a sinner and his religion is shit. If that’s the driving rule of life , for men to get attracted to other women after sex with her , and women to believe it anyway, that’s all fuck.Some women accept , some neglect the so called truth and then get their heart broken for nothing. Are Men’s hormones of a cheater ? Women don’t believe them ? Jesus was not a man i guess , or there were no beautiful women then , or it’s past tale of history , the 21st century says men fuck everyone and women do cry over everything or become a slut to control men’s live.
Here i believe it to be false and misleading .This cannot happen in any case . Most men do this in any case. But for what and why , nobody knows.This is outcome of today’s society . men and women are born equal.There cant be such cheating with women who sacrifice at every step in their life.

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