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Psychiatric Disorder: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Depersonalization , Derealization And Related.

In our society we all encounter people who are strangely introvert,much self indulged or lost in some imaginary world.These people may have developed some Psychiatric Disorder without even realizing they do.It happens in every society and people always ignore this.But this problem is real and people get to know the outcomes of these kind of disorders they will cry on to help those who are suffering.Imagine someone who is lost in useless compulsions and some insignificant recursive  thoughts .These thoughts may be of any kind any intensity and nobody other can ever figure this out. People those are unaware  will laugh over those who suffer , which again increase the intensity.The key is to recognize this as disorder.Here are some links to introduce Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. .


Remember: This can happen to anyone.Actual causes are not known.There are some social or biological factors definitely. Childhood loneliness , distress may lead to abnormal thinking and behavior .

There are some Disorders which are interlinked to OCD namely Derealization and Depersonalization . Here a person feel  his self and surroundings to be unreal . He can lose control over his senses and feelings and everything appears to be fake and unreal.


Although people with these disorders have high intellect which sometimes hide their abnormalities.
.Read about these terms and help them out of it .They need attention and extreme care to get out.

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