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Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


Dresden Bound

A Big Life

I am Dresden bound my pretties, off to absorb the sights and scents and, of course, take a few snaps of this eastern jewel. The fruits of this whirlwind road trip shall be on the blog later this week. Should you have any suggestions of things to do and see, feel free to leave them in the comments or tweet me. Otherwise, bis später!


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Dresden in Pictures, Part II

It’s Good to be Back

A Big Life

It’s good to be back.

It’s quieter this year, Greece’s situation stretching to include the country’s tourism cash cows, the beautiful islands. It’s too early to tell for sure, but it looks like a slow season.

That’s fine. Fewer people means fewer loud, brash, Australian backpackers. It means the noisy quad bikes don’t crash through the peace as they zoom along the beach front, ferrying bronzed tourists. It’s just the locals riding at the moment, their little old motorbikes weighed down, as usual, with children and shopping and anything else you can fit on a little old motorbike.

There are fewer dogs this year, the dwindling number of island strays perhaps a result of the neutering program put into action by the rescue group. That’s what I like to think anyway. There are fewer cats as well, or not as many kittens. But the kittens always seem to find homes…

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#OOTD: Peachy-keen, Jellybean

The Fancy Pants Report

aryn-k-crop-blazer-j-brand-floral-sam-edelman-sophie-sandal-rebecca-minkoff-mab-mini-1aryn-k-crop-blazer-j-brand-floral-sam-edelman-sophie-sandal-rebecca-minkoff-mab-mini-1Sam Edelman Sophie Sandal
aryn-k-crop-blazer-j-brand-floral-sam-edelman-sophie-sandal-rebecca-minkoff-mab-mini-1Blazer: Aryn K. Blouse: Cynthia Steffe. Pants: J Brand (on sale). Sandals: Sam Edelman. Purse: Rebecca Minkoff. Bracelet: H&M. Sunglasses: Rayban.

I’ve had my eyes on these sandals for awhile, so when I finally saw them on sale, I jumped. I love the retro-ness of them, but my favorite part of these sandals make them modern- the metallic strap. They’re surprisingly comfortable and the short wedge is an added bonus. Sandals have never been a priority for me because, well, it’s San Francisco, but you’ll be seeing these guys a lot around here. In summation and in the words of my favorite Pink Lady, they’re peachy-keen, jellybean.

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Dresden in Pictures

A Big Life

Words to come, when I possess the required concentration to condense the 24 hours into one informative, witty narrative. But for now, here are a few photos – and, again, more to come – of this beautiful city.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Morning Light

A Big Life

We have been waking quite early on the island, why I don’t know. But it does mean we catch the morning light, which is so cool and white. Up here in Imerovigli, the white villas reflect the tea-weak light and the huge caldera seems to absorb it.

This morning, before breakfast, we wound our way to a little church. It sits, loftily, high above everything else with a Greek flag flapping and wrapping itself around the flagpole with each smack of wind.

The light was cool, the sun gently nudging the island awake.

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